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George Michael 1963-2016 He died suddenly on Christmas Day at his home … During his earlier career, Michaels drug use and taste for risky sex were splashed across the tabloids. After years of avoiding the issue in public, he eventually came to speak openly about his homosexuality and referenced it in his music. Michael also revealed in a 2004 GQ interview that a former boyfriend had died in 1993 of an AIDS -related brain hemorrhage. HIV-related health issues or a drug overdose can also potentially lead to heart failure, said Lavie, but again noted that he is not privvy to any of Michaels personal health information. Sudden death from heart failure may not be the whole story, Dr. http://privatechloewashington.surreybutterflies.org/2016/12/27/the-years-of-continuous-exposure-to-sunrays-harsh-elements-make-wrinkles-lines-and-dark-spots-on-your-skin-prominent-2 Dan Bensimhon, medical director of the Advanced Heart Failure & Mechanical Circulatory Support Program at Cone Health System in Greensboro, North Carolina, told CBS News. Very few things cause healthy people to die suddenly. I suspect he may have had a serious underlying health issue that led to his acute heart issue, said Bensimhon, who also had no involvement in Michaels case. http://camilawhitestudio.fast-traffic-formula.com/2016/08/06/if-you-have-any-disease-it-would-be-wise-to-consult-with-your-doctor-what-exercise-suits-your-current-conditionPeople dont typically die suddenly from heart failure. Progressive heart failure is a slow, insidious process through which people are very symptomatic with shortness of breath, weakness and swelling, Bensimhon explained. That said, people with weak hearts which cause heart failure are Ta predisposed to dangerous heart rhythms which can kill them suddenly and that is why we place implantable defibrillators (ICDs) in these patients. I suspect the announcement that he died from heart failure is not the complete story. It seems especially unusual for someone Michaels age. The incidence of heart failure increases with increasing age so we see it mostly in people over 60, Bensimhon said, but we unfortunately can see it in younger people as well due to a variety of viruses and other causes. It cheers can be hard for patients to recognize whats wrong and seek treatment.

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Your doctor can give you advise on what you can do to solve your issues. Go on the internet or talk to someone who can give you a list of places you can go for your issues. A Local Church: There Nice words are many churches in your area that can provide assistance for your fears, anxieties, and depression. Here are 7 places you can go to get help for your mental health problems. You are not alone and help is available to anyone who needs it, however you must take the first step. You are struggling with your fears, anxieties, stresses and other mental health related issues. Your hospital will have the resources to resolve your situation quickly. These are just some of the places that you can go to get advice on how to deal with your fears and anxieties. Somebody will send the necessary people to your house in matter of minutes. Your fears are interfering with your personal life and career and you don’t know where to turn.

In between the parietal and visceral layers lies a space which is known as the pericardia cavity. This procedure drains and prevents re-accumulation of excess fluid. As the right ventricle contracts, the valves open and blood flows into the left pulmonary artery. Normally in a minute the heart beats 72 times and pumps around 1,500 to 2,000 gallons of blood per day. Might sound strange but, we’ll explore on it further in the following article. A heart surrounded by fluid has altered space between the layers of pericardium, decreased heart function, and may have collapsed heart chambers. The upcoming article provides some general tips for a post and pre-heart surgery diet. This article provides information on how simple dietary… In simplest terms, if you wish to know the exact location of the human heart, note that it is placed in the upper part of the body, on the left side of the chest. One of the first heart tests for blockage is an X-ray of the chest region, along with a physical exam.

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